The wedge technique is a more recent method developed for performing labiaplasty surgery. It is not as popular or common as others, but it can be used in niche cases depending on the results a patient wants to see. Here’s what you should know:

What is the wedge technique?

The wedge technique involves the removal of a V-shaped section (hence the name) of tissue from both sides of the labia minora, typically in the areas where the tissue is the most enlarged. To do this, a surgeon will carefully map out the incisions before making a cut to ensure bilateral symmetry. After shortening the labial tissue by removing those two V-shaped pieces of tissue, the surgeon will stitch the edges together and tighten them, which lightens the entire labia.
The wedge technique maintains the natural color of the outermost part of the labia minora and the labia’s natural edge, which some women will prefer, and others will dislike.

Is the wedge technique right for you?

While the wedge technique is effective in niche cases – for example, women who experience physical discomfort from labial hypertrophy – I recommend the edge technique for most of my labiaplasty patients. The edge technique is superior to the wedge, and it has been the most common and popular method for labiaplasty surgery for the last decade-plus for a reason. Well, a few reasons.

Firstly, the edge technique is much simpler and more straightforward, meaning there is a reduced risk of any complications arising. Secondly, the wedge technique takes longer to heal. Third, the wedge technique is not able to address concerns of hyperpigmentation because it preserves the outer edges of the labia where those darker tones are present. However, the biggest reason why I prefer using the edge technique over the wedge is that there is a risk of the stitches holding together the labial tissue ripping. Over time, the stress of walking, getting up and down, exercising, and other physical activities can cause the wedge to separate. When this happens, corrective surgery is required.

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