The difference between Wedge and Edge labiaplasty

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When I first started my practice I performed the wedge labiaplasty. I no longer do so. There are three main reasons why the edge labiaplasty, or as I call it, the modified edge labiaplasty, is superior to the wedge.

  1. The wedge labiaplasty can split causing a gap in the labia minora,
  2. The wedge labiaplasty does not remove the dark pigment or rough edge of the labia minora, and
  3. The wedge labiaplasty does not remove enough tissue in many cases.

Unfortunately, labiaplasty can result in a poor outcome when unreliable methods are used or an inexperienced surgeon performs the procedure. Read how to avoid a bad Labiaplasty outcome here. For these reasons, the best technique in my experience is the modified edge labiaplasty. Compared to the wedge, the modified edge labiaplasty:

  • Allows removal of the rough edge and dark pigmentation
  • Allows a more even removal of the labia minora
  • Heals beautifully!

Wedge labiaplasty technique and revision surgery

The problem with the wedge isn’t necessarily how it looks right after surgery. The problem is what tends to happen with the labia over time as things heal. The shearing stress of walking, sitting, and standing cause separation of the wedge. Because of this, a small revision under local anesthesia was required in her case. Here was her final result. 

Final result after wedge labiaplasty revision with hood reduction.

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