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I was honored to take care of this woman in her 40s who has been bothered by her labia asymmetry and longer labia minora for as long as she can remember. In addition, she had a tear during childbirth that left her with a hymen tag protruding from her vaginal opening. She was mostly bothered by irritation, especially when running, from her longer labia. Because of her ethnicity and a tendency towards hyperpigmentation, she felt that the chafing and rubbing was worsening the dark pigment along the labia minora edge. So, for all these reasons she was happy to proceed with a Labiaplasty today.

We started as always with a hood reduction to reduce excess tissue around the top portion of the labia. (If a hood reduction is not performed, the top part of the vulva can appear “puffy” after a labiaplasty and be imbalanced.) We then did a Labiaplasty removing more tissue from the left side and less from the right—trying to make everything as symmetrical as possible. After that we removed the small hymenal tag from her perineal tear, which you can see in the video.

Immediate #postopp results of a Labiaplasty under local anesthesia

She did great and hardly had any pain during this procedure which was performed entirely under local anesthetic. I would say about 95% of my patients have a Labiaplasty under local anesthesia and they do very very well without needing any type of stronger anesthesia. We use a long-acting local anesthesia (no pain after labiaplasty for about 4 hours) and send the patients home with pain meds and ice packs, the latter of which work wonders for labiaplasty healing.

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