Labiaplasty under Local Anesthesia | Labiaplasty by Dr. Oppenheimer

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Labiaplasty under Local Anesthesia | Labiaplasty by Dr. Oppenheimer

It was an honor today to perform a Labiaplasty and hood reduction on a lovely 19 year old college student who was mostly bothered by the appearance of her labia minora and the prominence of her clitoral hood. She was unhappy with the asymmetry of her right and left labia and also didn’t like how “puffy” her clitoral hood tissues were. These tissues created fullness in the upper part of the vulva that she didn’t like, so we decided to proceed with a Labiaplasty. Most of these procedures are done under local anesthetic so the patient is awake, and this young lady was awake today for her procedure. IV sedation is also a possibility for women who are more anxious about having a Labiaplasty performed. This procedure can be done with twilight anesthesia.

At any rate, she did great and we mostly chatted during the entire labiaplasty surgery. She was even able to text her friends and be on her phone during the procedure. She had a great result from her labiaplasty! We reduced the clitoral hood and made her labia minora smaller and more symmetrical, as you can see above from her before and after photo. All in all a great procedure for her and I know she will be super happy with her healed results!

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