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Watch the Labiaplasty procedure live!

Today’s Labiaplasty was a young lady, 26 years old, who spends a lot of time on her feet and was bothered specifically with pinching while wearing certain clothing like jeans or lace undergarments.

She said she’s been waiting since she was 18 to have this procedure done! I’m always super grateful for the trust that patients show me.

No one has perfect symmetry of their labia and hood and in her case the right hood had a bit more tissue. Of course, “it’s not what you take but what you leave” so in order to achieve symmetry, I removed more from the right side and made the remaining tissue as even as possible. I think you’ll agree from the final photo that she has a very nice result.

Immediate #postopp results

She had very little pain during the procedure just a few little pinches. She said it was very similar to getting piercings done of which she has several. 

Again, I’m really excited for this young lady. She’s been waiting quite a while to have her Labiaplasty done and I’m sure you’ll agree that it was worth the wait. I can’t wait to see her in follow up. We discussed some elements of the aftercare including nonstick Xeroform gauze and a small spray bottle which helps after going to the bathroom. Ice packs are also key when it comes to Labiaplasty recovery. We provide all our patients with a full Labiaplasty kit to make their recovery as easy as possible.

I’m so grateful for the trust of all my patients and thank you so much for watching these transformations!

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