Labiaplasty Scarring: What to Expect

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Labiaplasty Scarring: What to Expect

As an expert labiaplasty surgeon my technique will leave you with a virtually “scarless” result. The most you will see from your labiaplasty scar is a shiny area, and your partner will never be able to tell you had a labiaplasty performed.

While performing a labiaplasty surgery, I always endeavor to be as delicate and careful as possible, hiding the incisions so they can heal in a scarless way. I use a 5-0 buried monocryl suture for my labiaplasty procedures. This is totally absorbable suture and there is no “baseball” stitching. This means that the scars are imperceptible. Like the inside of the mouth, the vagina doesn’t scar in the same way as skin. Keep reading to see the ways that I minimize scars in my labiaplasty patients to make them nearly invisible.

Does Labiaplasty leave scars?

With my technique, an edge labiaplasty variant (sometimes called a “trim” method, though that’s not fully accurate) there are no visible scars after labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction. If you haven’t yet, take a look at the hundreds of labiaplasty before and after photos and videos and see if you can find any scar in the after photos. If you’re able to notice anything, it’s most likely a shiny patch of skin or fold. These labiaplasties are virtually scarless. 

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for patients who have had a labiaplasty elsewhere. Some surgeons use very heavy sutures and “baseball stitch” the edge. This leaves a rough and bumpy surface. Other surgeons cut with large scissors leaving a scalloped cut in edge. Both make it obvious that a labiaplasty had been performed. Sometimes these can be corrected with a labiaplasty revision and sometimes not. It is very important to find the best labiaplasty surgeon possible the first time around!

Recovery from Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty recovery is quick in my clinic. 3 days downtime where you’re just resting at home and then about 3 weeks out of the gym. Me and my nurses also recommend 6 weeks before tub or pool soaks and 6 weeks before intercourse. We provide complete recovery kits, which include all of the necessary ingredients that you need for your aftercare: from dressings to ointments to scar gels, even medications!

Learn more about the procedure and recovery process for my patients here!

Techniques used in Labiaplasty and the scar they leave

There are many techniques for labiaplasty but in my opinion, an edge labiaplasty with a clitoral hood reduction is the single best option for the vast majority of patients. If your surgeon doesn’t want to offer you a clitoral hood reduction along with your labiaplasty, they are not experienced and likely do not understand the procedure. Please reach out to me and my staff so we can help you properly achieve your goals!

Laser Labiaplasty

A laser labiaplasty is a marketing ploy. Laser burns tissue. If your surgeon is using a laser to cut, then you will have a burn at the point of closure and it will heal like a burn. We’ve all had burns from the kitchen. They heal slowly with a thicker discolored scar. Not good to laser the labia minora. Instead I use a scalpel blade to make the most precise cut to the labia minora and clitoral hood. No additional heat trauma to the labia is created, and that means no thick discolored scars.

V-Wedge Labiaplasty Technique or Wedge Labiaplasty Technique

Both of these techniques create a notch or central wedge out of the middle of the labia minora. This wedge is then closed leaving a straight line. While this sounds like an elegant approach there are many issues. The worst is that the wedge falls apart and seperates. Frequently. The labia tissues, because of friction, moisture and simply the nature of the mucosa, do not “knit together” quickly. This leads to a gapping or opening of this wedge. 

In addition to healing issues, the wedge will leave dark and rough edges to the labia. Most women want a smooth edge to the labia and a light pink color. A wedge can’t achieve either of these outcomes. Only an edge labiaplasty—closed with a perfect subcuticular stitch—can achieve this. Watch my approach here in my procedure videos.

Edge Labiaplasty Technique

I perform a modification of the edge or “trim” labiaplasty. This is the best technique across the board. The healing is the best and the fastest. The scarring is the least visible. The outcome is superior with regard to appearance. 

The added approach that I perform with the edge labiaplasty is a clitoral hood reduction. This is required in almost all women to bring balance to the top and middle parts of the vulva. If the hood is not reduced, the result is top heavy and not aesthetically appealing.

Will my partner notice my Labiaplasty scars?

This truly depends on the surgeon. With a baseball stitch approach, even the superior technique of the edge labiaplasty can leave an unfavorable scar that may be visible to a partner.

Look through my before and after gallery here and see the difference that my expert work achieves with results. Please give me and my team the chance to make your scars as minimal as possible and give you the best possible outcome!

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