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Today’s Labiaplasty patient is 28 years young and came to see me in Orlando from Miami. Her main goal was to boost her self-confidence and feel more comfortable in clothing and bathing suits. In her words: “I want to be able to buy underwear without having to worry about pinching or pulling and I want to feel like a woman!”

I was so honored to help her today and her surgery went great. No two labia are alike, even in the same person. In her case her right labia was much longer than the left. I almost always perform a hood reduction with every Labiaplasty case, so her procedure was a Labiaplasty with a hood reduction. You can see her dramatic results in the video below, we achieved her goal of smaller, more symmetrical labia minora. I’m so happy for her and I know that she will have renewed self-confidence. As I always like to say “labiaplasty is liberating!”

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