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Labiaplasty | Labia Minora and Clitoral Hood Reduction

Today’s labiaplasty patient is 24 years old and was very excited to have her labiaplasty done under local anesthetic. Her main concern was discomfort, recounting that her labia minora are irritating to her with exercise and intercourse. She has been bothered with longer labia minora since puberty.

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As always, I started the labiaplasty procedure with a hood reduction. In her case her hood was more prominent, and I therefore needed to perform a more aggressive hood reduction. Many patients are concerned about the hood reduction for fear of the clitoris, but the skin removed is very superficial in the clitoral hood area and quite remote from the clitoral body itself. After the hood reduction I performed the labiaplasty. She did great with the surgery was very happy to compete this chapter in her life. Labiaplasty is indeed liberating. Thank you again for following along with this Labiaplasty procedure and for supporting my patients in their transformations! Of course, I would be honored to help you to address your concerns with your labia. Please reach out to me and my team for a consult!

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