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Labiaplasty | Labiaplasty and Perineoplasty

Today’s Labiaplasty patient is 48 years young, an avid athlete, and has always been bothered by excess tissue of her labia. In particular, she has complaints of pinching and pulling in the perineum, which is the skin just as a vaginal opening between the anus in the vagina. This has been particularly uncomfortable for her, especially during intercourse. She is very excited to have this procedure done and has been considering a Labiaplasty for a long long time. As always her surgery went quite well. She was awake for the entire procedure and had oral sedation with a Valium. She had some minor discomfort with the local anesthesia injections but after that 2-3 minutes she did quite well, and we had a nice conversation during her surgery!

Immediate #postOPP results after Labiaplasty, Hood Reduction and Perineoplasty

I always start with the hood reduction, followed by the Labiaplasty, and then in her case, addressing the excess skin of the perineum. As you can see from her before and after photos, her change is dramatic, especially at the bottom portion of the vulva or the excess perineal skin, because it was removed. She was able to see her before and after photos on the Surgical table and was super excited. I am also quite excited for her in this transformation that has been a long time coming. I know she will feel relief from her physical symptoms as well self-consciousness following her Labiaplasty and perineoplasty! Visit our photo gallery for a collection of healed Labiaplasty results.

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