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Today I had the honor of treating a nurse who came to see me for a labiaplasty and hood reduction. Her main complaint was visibility of her enlarged labia while wearing a bikini. In examining her before surgery, she also had some labia asymmetry and clitoral hood asymmetry with the left sided hood being more prominent. She also complained of a hymen tag. The hymen can fracture or break and result in multiple separate projections of mucosal tissue that can become enlarged over time. She had one large tag that was bothering her and was actually sticking out from the introitus or vaginal opening.

Labiaplasty Before and After

She was super comfortable during her surgery, which went great, and had very little pain during the process. All of our labiaplasty surgeries are performed awake with local anesthesia, just like hers today. I was super happy with her labiaplasty outcome. I know she will be too. She had wanted it since puberty! Unfortunately we have found that there has been more censorship with posting our live labiaplasty videos on Snapchat so we are going to continue to post more here!

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