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Today’s labiaplasty patient is 28 years young. She mostly was bothered by the thick and discolored edge of her labia minora as well as prominent tissues at the hood. She felt like the labia “stuck out too much” and she was very eager to have a labiaplasty performed.

She had watched many of the videos on my website and reviewed my before and after galleries, so she felt very comfortable with her choice of having surgery with me, which is always very humbling. (As you can see, I’m very meticulous with labiaplasty surgery and obsess about the details so that you don’t have to!)

We started the labiaplasty as usual with a hood reduction. She had, as I mentioned, a slightly more prominent clitoral hood, and so doing a hood reduction was critical in this case. We then proceeded to the labia minora reduction to give her a smooth and lighter coloration to the edge of the labia minora reducing the thick and folded inner labia that bothered her.

Immediate #postopp results

Her surgery went great! She was a little bit nervous beforehand and so we opted for IV sedation with my CRNA. She was asleep for the entire procedure and had zero pain during the labiaplasty. One interesting thing to note as I show in the video below is that this young mom had a perineal tear during her vaginal delivery. If you look closely, you can see a slightly diagonal scar across the perineum and heading toward the anal sphincter. Minor hemorrhoids can be common for many women after childbirth and she demonstrates these, though they are not significant enough to be treated. 

I have so much respect for the trauma that some women endure during pregnancy and childbirth, and I endeavor to help women reclaim their bodies through thoughtful plastic surgery.

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