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Today I had the pleasure of seeing a follow up Labiaplasty in my clinic. Ladies heal so well from my labiaplasty procedure that we usually see them just once at the three week postop mark. I was happy to see this 33-year-old female patient back from her Labiaplasty today to check in on her healing.

As you can see from her photos and video, she really has no visible scarring. The labia minora are very similar to the lips in the sense that not only are they made of the same cellular materials (in histology the oral mucosa and vaginal mucosa are made up of the same cells!) but they also heal in a very very similar manner. That means very quick healing with no scarring! So, when we look closely at her healed labiaplasty you can see almost no evidence of scars and very smooth results from the labia edge.

Everyone’s anatomy is different regarding the labia minora, and in her case she had a prominent clitoral hood. Most labiaplasties that are done properly involve a labia minora reduction and clitoral hood reduction to achieve balance.

I’m really happy that my patient is so excited and that she had such a nice outcome from surgery and is fully healed. The entire healing process for labiaplasty really is about three weeks and at six weeks I have no restrictions for my patients. 

Thanks for following along and watching this fully healed labiaplasty video and before and after photos for labia minora reduction.

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