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Labiaplasty Follow Up | Labiaplasty by Dr. Oppenheimer

Today’s Labiaplasty patient is a one month follow up. It’s always great to see the transformations of these patients after their Labiaplasty surgery. Many of my patients are more confident and self-assured after their procedure, and today’s patient is no exception. She’s healed beautifully after her Labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction which we did under local anesthesia.

Labiaplasty Before and After Results at One Month #postOPP

You can see in the photo that it’s very hard to determine if she even had a Labiaplasty, there is really no visible scarring after labiaplasty surgery. She has no sensation changes at all and she is super happy. In her case, we also removed skin from the perineum which is called a perineoplasty. This skin was pulling and folding inwards during intercourse and was very bothersome to her. She’s a very active athlete and her labia were in the way of her doing a lot of her athletic activities. You can also see in her video here a more detailed examination of her healing at one month post-op. I’m so happy to see her in follow up and to see the confidence she has after her labiaplasty procedure. Visit our photo gallery for a collection of healed Labiaplasty results.

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