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Today’s labiaplasty patient was 27 years old and has wanted a labiaplasty for a long time. She is very active and is a barista as well as an acrobat, believe it or not! Being an acrobat, she finds sometimes during her performances as well as at work she has pinching her pulling of elongated labia in her clothing. She was super excited (and of course nervous) today since this was her first surgery. But of course, she did great! We did the procedure under local anesthesia which is typical for all of our labiaplasties, and she tolerated the procedure very well. We were able to chitchat, and it was fascinating to learn about her performance and art!

She had a labia reduction as well as a clitoral hood reduction, as is standard. In her case she had a slightly more elongated labia and so the reduction was very dramatic as you can see from her before and after photo and in the video. I’m super excited for her. I truly feel like this will be a liberating labiaplasty! I am so honored for her trust and for all the trust that my patients bestow on me. 🙏

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