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Today I had the honor of performing a labiaplasty and hood reduction on a 30-year-old mom of two. She was mostly unhappy with the appearance of her vagina but also had some symptoms like pinching of the labia with clothing, exercise, and sexual intercourse. She also has developed clitoromegaly over time, which is enlargement of the clitoris. Clitoromegaly can sometimes happen from higher levels of androgens (testosterone) and can be irreversible; meaning that as it becomes gradually enlarged it doesn’t go back down in size. Sometimes we see this with bodybuilders who have used testosterone in the past and sometimes women who just have higher levels of androgen hormones can develop this finding.

Either way, a key in this labiaplasty procedure today was balancing the hood reduction and labia minora reduction with the slightly enlarged and protuberant clitoris, to not create any imbalance.

Overall, the case went great. She was awake with oral sedation (valium) and so she was able to follow along the procedure. I’m really happy with the final results. As you can see the clitoral hood is reduced, the labia minora is reduced, and the clitoris remains slightly prominent but has ample hood tissue for coverage. I think she’ll be super happy with this labiaplasty!

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