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Today’s Labiaplasty was performed with the trust of a 33 year old woman with no children who was mostly bothered by the physical appearance of her labia. She also did not like the darker pigmentation of the labia minora edge. Those were the primary reasons for her pursuing a labiaplasty. She also mentioned that while wearing leggings and yoga pants she experienced pinching of her inner labia which was bothersome to her.

Before and immediately after Labiaplasty

This Labiaplasty surgery was done under local anesthetic. It took about an hour and a half. She had a little bit of pain during the injections, but only at the very beginning. Overall she did great and we mostly chatted about our families during surgery. Her anatomy was uniquely more hood predominant, meaning that she had more clitoral hood enlargement than labia minora enlargement. As you can see from the photos and the video today (that we posted on Snapchat) her hood reduction was the primary part of the operation and the labia reduction was actually less dramatic. I also included her before and after photo below from immediately after Labiaplasty surgery. If you watched today live on Snapchat – thanks so much for following me!

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