Edge Labiaplasty with Clitoral Hood Reduction: Pitfalls and Pearls

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I wrote this article because I wanted to share my experience in performing labiaplasty surgery. I’ve helped over 500 women regain confidence and reduce self-consciousness through labiaplasty. In addition to helping these brave women as my patients, I also wanted to help doctors who are new to the specialty or who wanted to further refine their techniques. In this article, I share my experience with common pitfalls and technical pearls for excellence in labiaplasty.

There are so many small details in the procedure, and every woman has slightly different anatomy. I use the same approach ever time but I make small adjustments based on the starting point and each patient’s goals.

So if you’re curious about my nuanced techniques, if you want to see in great detail all of the subtle details of the procedure, or if you’re a surgeon who wants to better understand how to perform a labiaplasty, this article is for you.

This time lapse of the procedure summarizes the key points of my technique.

Liberation Awaits.

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